Get Down with the People

March 22, 2006

Micro Persuasion: Get Down with the People

Engagement is not just about how to get more consumers interacting and bonding with you. It’s also about you creating ways for individuals to meet and engage with each other in a house that you built. It’s about coalescing communities, as another exec told me last week. It’s about forging a deeper relationship with small groups, rather than superficial ties with larger ones.
Marketing is evolving. It’s now more about creating a deeper relationship with the few, or even the one. This is good for all of us involved. Still, I am concerned that more marketers are concerned with forging a deeper relationship with consumers than helping them do so with each other. The companies that can bring together communities and get then out of the way are the ones that are going to be the most successful in this new world.

The ability to create stories people can talk about and spaces where they can talk – mostly without you, the company – is also a key point Seth Godin makes in his speech at Google.


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