Work 2.0

April 6, 2006

The web of participation is not only populated by people who creates new services or people that write reviews about those services; that would be a closed environment doomed to plateau sometime soon. There are also those people using the new tools for making new things or for making the usual things in new ways, and the real innovation has to come there.

So, how do you use Web 2.0 for your everyday life? How do you work?

Steve Rubel gets a good start on the subject (and inspires this post). In his words:

Fortune has a really cool series called “How I Work.” They interviewed an array of business leaders and celebrities about the tools and techniques they use to manage their day. I thought it would be really cool if bloggers did the same. I’m more interested in how you manage your workload and the tools you use than I am in Bill Gates. Here’s my crack at it. File yours under the Technorati tag How I Work.

Read more on Micro Persuasion: How I Work

I did not make my contribution under the Technorati tag How I Work yet.

As for my life with Web 2.0, I am using mainly Flickr, Bloglines, WordPress, Wikipedia, YouTube, Blogmarks, CiteULike, Pixoh, GMail but I don’t have a neat workflow yet, so it is not worth sharing how I use them at the moment.


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