Yahoo! Maps beta with satellite imagery

April 12, 2006

Today we added global satellite imagery to Yahoo! Maps beta. The new satellite imagery will help people visualize maps, driving directions, and local search, and is available across Yahoo! and to developers through our APIs.

Read the full post on Yahoo! Search blog: Mo’ Beta Maps

First time to look at Yahoo! Maps beta. I like the small widget on top right to quickly browse and zoom around; the larger updates accordingly.

Yahoo! Maps beta - Tokyo

Map coverage and satellite details (zoom levels) do not compare well with those of Google Maps yet. At least not in Tok yo (where I live) or in Pes cara (where I was born). Note that all maps linked above are at maximum zoom level on satellite view.

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One Response to “Yahoo! Maps beta with satellite imagery”

  1. […] Google Maps has added a mini viewer in the lower-right corner of the window. It gives a mini view on a larger area than that displayed in the main window, and can be used to scroll around. Compared with Yahoo! Maps beta, it is smaller, does not have a zoom control and scroll is not as smooth; placement in the lower-right corner seems to be a better user interface decision as the mini viewer does not get in the way when you are visually navigating the larger map. […]

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