Big Search

April 21, 2006

OpenSearch™ is a Big Search. It is a very simple and very good idea: harnessing the collective intelligence of multiple search engines.
The approach is modern and promising: open format (Creative Commons) and syndication with credits to the participating engines.

But when you got a Big Search Mac, how do you ‘eat’ it? Indeed, you may want to pick it apart until you get the piece you like.

It is hard enough to navigate “Next” through the result pages or scrolling the Inifinite Scrollbar of one-engine search results; how do we manage aggregate searces result?
Google and most of the classic search engines look into parts of the internet e.g. Web, Images, Groups, News, Froogle, Maps, Desktop, more, and you get ranked results in the chosen field. A9, a search aggregator, lets you select the parts and gives you results separated into those parts (see pic below): how do you ‘eat’ it? How to find your result in such an overloaded window?
A9 sample search

Even for piece wise search, the web is big and rich enough that we need novel ways of presenting results. When we move to aggregate search, how can we leverage the depth of each part’s results and the breadth of the parts (with all the additional info they carry) for a better search experience?

via Micro Persuasion.

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