Visions: from data network to media network

April 22, 2006

Just taking note of a vision Seth Godin is sharing on his blog:

Everyone will have a network. Not just a show, but, if you want it, an entire network of shows. Lots of channels, with not so many viewers per channel. A network for each religious group, and variants for each sect. Every church, community group, local theatre and art gallery gets a network. Every classroom and every division of every company.

What’s going to be on your network?

Writing blogs, making podcasts or videos, all this takes too much time and effort now. But there will soon be new tools and new interfaces that will make publishing a lot easier and automatic. Many would then afford to produce their own individual media network.

life dubbed artwork by smallcaps

I wonder if the content of such ‘shows’ will be life dubbed (in the sense of a transfer onto a new recording medium) rather then life commented.

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