Yahoo! hitchhikes into the galaxy of translation

April 28, 2006

Yahoo! has bought Altavista’s Babelfish? Yahoo! Search blog announces the new translation service on its domain:

Today Babel Fish is hanging his shingle here at Yahoo!, debuting Yahoo! Babel Fish across our properties worldwide.

The original babelfish page is still there. A search on Yahoo!’s press releases does not return any news, apart from an announcement of the Toolbar for Firefox featuring “Translate this page” based on Babelfish tools.

ANyway, Yahoo! branded translation service has two more language pair choices (among Chinese dialects), beta translator services to translate queries and search in multiple languages (only for German and French, at the moment), some integration with other services (e.g. Toolbar), and a new cocktail they’re calling “The Babbling Fish” 🙂

On the babel fish page there is a link to a page from where to download a couple of Javascript you use to add translation capabilities to your site: Translate any text or pages and Translate your page.

Yahoo! Babel Fish Translate AnyYahoo! Babel Fish Translate This Page

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