Reversed Ubiquitousness and Hyperlink Travel

May 24, 2006

Steve Rubel: “Consumers are busy setting up residence in massive galaxies where they can find people like themselves.”

In the same post he speaks about Picture in Picture Marketing and gives credits to widgets for being the archetype of this form of reversed ubiquitousness the net let us experience.
Ubiquitousness, because we can ‘be’ at many places (and times) via the monitor, and reversed, because rather then being somewhere, somewhere is on our monitor.

Anyhow, while browsing e.g. reading a conversation on a blog post (lets call it our base), leaving the page to follow links is (at least to me) annoying and distracting – but nevertheless required to really follow the flow of the discussion; moreover, following links is one of the nicest things of the web, a real hyperdrive travel 🙂 -, and any way we can think of to ‘be’ somewhere else whitout leaving the base could be a solution to a problem and possibly improve our experience of the net.

Hyperdrive Travel from StarWars

How do you practice your ubiquitousness?

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