May 30, 2006 is a new service from Webshots for no-registration-required, free and unlimited (image size) photo (.gif, .jpeg and .png formats) hosting. In the FAQ there is no mention to bandwith limits (upload, like e.g. for the free accounts on Flickr, or traffic), but TechCrunch explicitly says that “there are absolutely no bandwidth restraints.”.
From the upload page, up to three files can be uploaded at a time. When the transfer is complete, eight types of HTML-like codes (i.e. formatted for specific online spaces) are provided:

Links to thumbnails
for a Blog or Website (ex., MySpace, eBay, Xanga, Blogger)
for a forum or message board (primary)*
for a forum or message board (alternate version)
for an Email or Instant Messenger

Links to original image
for a Blog or Website (ex., MySpace, eBay, Xanga, Blogger)
for a forum or message board (primary)*
for a forum or message board (alternate version)
direct link to image

By copying and pasting the code you can post the images on your online space. As for blogs, the FAQ only cites Blogger and TypePad.
Using the links provided for Blog or Website on WordPress works partially, probably because

[Wordpress] for various reasons, mostly related to your security, don’t allow people to post arbitrary code in their blogs. Unfortunately this has the side-effect of blocking some cool stuff.

In WordPress, every time you edit/save the post, part of the original HTML code provided by Allyoucanupload gets corroded, as you can see below (I had to change all the angle to squared brackets to avoid the code samples from being eaten away)

  • original
    [a href=”″%5D%5Bimg src=”” alt=”Free Image Hosting at”/][/a]
  • after first save
    [a href=”″%5D%5Bimg src=””/%5D%5B/a%5D
  • after second save and on
    [a href=”″%5D%5Bimg /][/a]
  • Strange behavior. Anyhow, the direct link to the image is provided e.g.
    and the direct link to the thumbnail, though not provided, is easy to build by changing _rs (real size?) to _th
    and so it is possible to post the image here on WordPress with some more manual efforts then just copy&paste. The test image is below.
    This image is hosted on

    I have tried to upload an AVI i.e. video file, and I got a format error message at the end of the transfer, after a long wait. So, they do check the format and the site cannot be used for hosting all kind of files (though I did not try to rename the AVI file to JPG before uploading; but that should not work either…).

    For some aspects, Allyoucanupload looks much like Bubbleshare (an inspired and free photo hosting and sharing site who pioneered – to my knowledge – the no-registration-required, multiple-files-upload, no-destination-site approach) with a much stronger hosting power and much simpler (poorer) services. is part of the CNET Networks.

    via TechCrunch

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