Pongyow: Family Sharing Photo

August 9, 2006

I did not find yet a media sharing site that has the right blend of features I’d like to have to publish for my family and friends. Essentially, the balance struck between privacy and requirement to set up accounts is still cumbersome (not to me but to my ‘audience’).

Pongyow is a new “place for you to share your photos and stories with your friends and family around the world”.
I went thru the tour and what I liked most is

  • totally free, with unlimited storage uploaders for Windows XP and Mac OS X
  • Collaborate With Your Friends If your friend has a photo album of a birthday party, and you have an album of the same party, why not put them together? With Pongyow, it’s easy to create shared albums with your friends. All you have to do is give your albums the same name (and be linked as friends on Pongyow), and your photos will automatically be included in each others’ albums!

The features set is not spectacular and probably I won’t set up an account to give it a try (besides, I have many others already).

The share-by-name-among-friends feature is quite interesting to me; it may improve on the share-by-tag-among-all feature by limiting the explosion of contents in two ways:

  1. a name is likely to be more selective than a tag (or a set of tags, for that matter), and/or
  2. the pool the selection operates on is the network of friends rather than the whole, much larger community.

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