Brute search. Cultured search.

August 15, 2006

Search is not just search (i.e. to find your needle in a haystack) anymore: it is increasingly a process to skim the wild and affluent web. In other words, Search is used as a guide or an oracle “to look over or through an aggregate of things casually especially in search of something of interest.”

On O’Reilly Radar there is a post on the subject:

Google made a breakthrough in web search with its original idea of links as citations (i.e. PageRank), and they are still the undisputed leader in general web search, but they haven’t done as well in searching rich media. I think they have some things to learn from Flickr. More specifically, web search innovators all need to think through what makes results “interesting” for a given domain. I like what flickr has done in calling out “interestingness” as a quality worth searching for.

We need serendipity search.

Elevator Face photo by vidiot

UPDATE: Google has just announced the acquisition of Neven Vision to help improve its offer with Picasa. There is no other commitment to use the technology for improved overall search just yet.

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