October 23, 2006

Scripting News: 10/22/2006:

I’ve now had HD for about a month now, and it’s a life-changer. I know it sounds weird, but you look at the world differently. The Discovery channel has really jumped on HD, they have a channel called HD Theater that is at least partly a travelogue, they sent crews around the world to take pictures in all kind of exotic places. And you sit there with your jaw on the floor, the pictures are so vivid, they’re even more colorful than reality, and they take you places you could never go on on your own, to mountain tops, underwater in a manatee swamp in Florida. And even prosaic places are beautiful. Yesterday they had a camera on a cow farm in Vermont. No voice track, no narration, just the sounds of nature and cows grazing. Incredibly captivating. This is TV as a meditation medium. Very different and very interesting.

I don’t have an HD television, so I can’t say what you see on a HD screen.
But this post (and few others, less philosophical but equally positive, by Robert Scoble) made me think that High Definition may be one of the many (so-called) next-generation technologies to actually bring value to the user (the customer). And a technology for which creating new ad-hoc content may be worth.
Even better, the endless beauty of the millions of photos out in the wild of sharing sites like Flickr, may find its way into our living rooms and our idle times. For HD videos we should wait a little more, but the tide is mounting.


Improvements in technology do not always translate inot new value. Consider, for example, what Super Audio CD has done to improve or open new ways of enjoying music.
The analogy is not fair, though, as reproducing good music is not just a matter of having a good source: the chain from the player to the speakers and out to the acoustic environment of your listening room is long and perillous.

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  1. Finding your websight was like finding a needle in a haystack.

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