Connect iPod video to a TV using a normal A/V cable

December 21, 2006

I think this little precious information should be well known already. But I didn’t until now, so I am reposting this (a good use of the echo chamber).

O’Reilly Network — Getting the Video out of Your New iPod–for Cheap!:

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. In order to make your TV play back the iPod signal, you’ve got to redirect the outputs. You can’t just plug the yellow RCA plug into the yellow RCA jack and the red into the red or the white into the white. No. Those geniuses at Apple send the video signal over the red RCA output. (Normally it arrives on yellow.) The sound comes through the white and yellow plugs.

photo by Spoinknet

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4 Responses to “Connect iPod video to a TV using a normal A/V cable”

  1. nikunj Says:

    hi! i hav an ipod having problem in connecting my ipod to a lcs tv.
    i tried wat wrote but it isnt working.
    so can u help me out. advance 🙂

  2. zelig Says:


    I don’t own a nano 3g (I have a 5g classic), so I cannot check.

    Are you sure the cable is in order? Did you try to use it to connect another device e.g. a video camera?

  3. ahenry Says:

    hi, i have an imode and the model is ip215, and i cant seem to play video on it. can any1 help?

  4. Kera Carinio Says:

    Lots of of bloggers not really happy with this new iPad.There was too much hoopla regarding it and alot people got turned off.You see, I for one see some of the awesome potential of the gadget. Third-party applications for playing tunes, games, newsprints and magazines and books, all sorts of awesome stuff, but IMHO they just didn’t really sell it very well (aside from the books). It looks kind of incomplete

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