Dell (and Yahoo!) want to dig what users want to say

February 17, 2007

Marshall Kirkpatrick at Techcrunch nicely summarize a trend recently emerging among large companies to leverage their real and potential customers bases to help drive in-company decision making.
In practice, some companies are opening up structured conversations with whoever cares to join them to try to understand what they can do to try to match what’s best for user to what’s best for their business (that is loveocracy, as

Nothing really new here, but for the size of the company involved and the businesses they are in. Meaning they are in a position to really listen to what people want and to actually provide them with that.

It may well be that some of the companies are not seriously interested in what people have to say, and they are just trying to give a better impression of themselves by dressing some fashionable web 2.0 accessories, but that would be a wrong and risky strategy.

Below is an excerpt.
Dell Pays Tribute to Digg with New IdeaStorm Site:

Users can submit product and feature requests, policy changes or whatever else they care to share with the Dell community. Those submissions are then voted on Digg style. Dell’s move follows just one day after Yahoo! unveiled a similar site.

I think it’s more a testimony to the usefulness of paradigms made popular by Digg and YouTube.

These types of sites are just plain smart. If web lovers are critical of big companies trying to patent processes that are logical and widespread (like social networking or mash ups), isn’t it unfair to turn around and criticise them later for humbly following the lead of trailblazing startups?

I think Dell’s new sites are a brave move that many more companies will follow. Hopefully they’ll push this trend of online two-way communication to the limit and listen to what their users have to say.


One Response to “Dell (and Yahoo!) want to dig what users want to say”

  1. zelig Says:

    There are news on the subject on TechCrunch.

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