The Trust Factor

February 27, 2007

A couple of recent posts about the coming of an age.

The Yourdon Report » Blog Archive » Google Apps:

At the moment, we use Microsoft Word, but there are times when we both want to edit and revise different parts of the same document at the same time; maybe it would be easier with Google Docs. But I only managed to think about this for a second or two before a practical concern raised its ugly head: what about security? Two of the projects we’re working on have a price-tag, from the clients’ perspective, of tens of millions of dollars; and one of them has a price-tag of a couple billion dollars. Do I really want to trust Google’s assurances that its servers are secure, and that hackers won’t be able to see what we’re working on? I don’t want to be the guineau pig on that one, and I suspect that a lot of Fortune 500 IT professionals feel the same way. On the other hand, the proverbial college professor, and his class full of feisty students, probably don’t have the same perspective.

Micro Persuasion: Why the Trust Factor Will Inhibit Web 2.0:

[…] consumers are always wary about who to trust. My feeling is that when it comes to critical “high risk” data, they will trust the big players – Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.

So, until [small companies are] acquired by a larger player, they can’t earn enough of my trust for me to give them the keys to what’s most valuable for me. So, their ultimate utility hits a wall with me and I bet it does for lots of others.

Net, as the value of the data we have rises, so does the level of trust we need to give it to someone to hold.

Spent few minutes on thinking of a name for the coming age, but it didn’t fire. However, looking for an analogy I thought (imagined, really, as I wasn’t there) of the times when people started wondering if they could trust banks to keep their money.

~ Secret Formula ~ photo by Qatari Mother


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