Preserving Ideas

March 8, 2007

To build future-safe archives for preserving idea we need to be able to transfer those ideas, not merely store them. Like in the old times with oral traditions knowledge have been passed from generation to generation, now and in the future we should think of ways to transfer our digital archives, blogs and so forth, from storage to storage: from our hard disks to the cloud, from tumblr to WordPress, from Flickr to Zooomr, and so on. Transfer data from today’s services to tomorrow’s.

There are many services available for hosting our data and our thoughts, but transfering those data among services is complicated and partial, if even possible.

Who knows about ways to operate such transfers?

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6 Responses to “Preserving Ideas”

  1. epiphanist Says:

    We are what we conceive. I’m happy to share.

  2. zelig Says:

    Is this spam? I can’t say. Anyway.

    epiphanist, what dictates what we can conceive?

    There’s a interesting talk by Richard Dawkins on TEDTalks about what can be grasped by our mind (and then, what we can conceive and what we can be). Recommended.
    But somehow is point of view if confuted by another talk by David Deutsch, which speaks about the ability of humans to discover and explain things that belong to dimensions different from our “middle-sized” world.

    Just connecting some dots.

  3. Chris Says:

    I am a bit of a Descartes fan if that helps? I conceive, therefore I am. Marshall McLuhan’s famous comment, “the medium is the message” is also close to my intention here. Another example is the chaos which Galileo caused by extending the conception of the world’s place in a solar system, rather than the weird and limiting conceptions of the times. Just by the way, those old ideas had served the world perfectly well until they were supplanted. In your case, I was doubtful about the ultimate purpose of storing a whole lot of data for a long term. Basically, if it’s not in your head you can’t think with it. Any data would just be spam if you didn’t understand it?

  4. zelig Says:

    from EarlyStageVC:

    To make the Web a platform there has to a level of of content and services interoperability that really doesn’t exist today.

    Transfer as part of the interoperability.

  5. zelig Says:

    Update. List of friends on social networks as an additional example of the data we need the ability to transfer among services.

    Read more on Mashable: LiveJournal Founder Leads Open Social Network Charge

    LiveJournal creator Brad Fitzpatrick, who has been talking up open social networks in presentations recently, has published a sort of mini-manifesto for portable, open social networking. The problem, he says: People are getting sick of registering and re-declaring their friends on every site, but also: Developing “Social Applications” is too much work….Facebook’s answer seems to be that the world should just all be Facebook apps. Essentially, he’s saying that you can’t move your friend data from one site to another.

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