Greasemonkey: Google Reader Block Links

March 14, 2007

Update: The extensions are now cleanly integrated into the original script.

Few weeks ago I had read a post on lifehacker about a Greasemonkey script to add keyboard shortcuts to links in the currently opened item in Google Reader. I am using it since then.

The original script handles only the first ten links in the item, so I have extended it to support posts with any number of links. By pressing the activation keystroke i.e. f+l multiple times will move by blocks of 10 consecutive links, tagged [0-9] as in the original script; blocks will restart from top when the last link in the post is reached. At any give time, only a subset of 10 links will be available.
I have also added secure (https) versions in include directives.

My intention was to submit the extended script as an update to the original, but didn’t get any reply so I am posting it on as a ‘new’ script named “Google Reader Block Links“.

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