Information Revolution the wrong way

March 18, 2007

Just read this post from Matt Cutts about major non-Google search engines’ ways to lure customers. is one of the initiatives, and seems to be behind it. While they rise an issue worth considering

One company could eventually be your only source of access to information on the Web

they go about it in a wrong way

Controlling your mind would only be a step away! Then they’ll have you.

and more on the same tone, including the red, white, black coloring of the page.

I would rather prefer, and be lured by, a campaign that could show me the potential benefits of the diversification of search, and of a portfolio of search engines. In a lighter and easy-on-the-mind interface.

There is still difference between access to information and information itself: one source of access to information is a different thing (and not necessarily a bad thing) than one source of information.

When I say potential benefits of a diversification of search, I mean the inherent benefit of looking at things from different perspectives. If there was only one way to do search, then eventually we’ll have The One search engine that can do it best. But as the complexity of the searchable information increase, so will the ways of looking at them. And that would be the raison d’etre of diverse access to information.

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