The One Machine Epic

April 7, 2007


Few thoughts while and after watching it.

  • About the new Google.zon algorithm that can edit information sources into new stories for every user (from 5:23 to 5:40):
    The One Machine does not need to be conscious and free will to actually influence the behavior and thinking of the people connected (feeding on and/or feeding) to it.
    Note that the canonical fictional fears about the machines taking control of us, envision their self consciousness and determination.
    I call it The One Machine, assuming it will be the same things Kevin Kelly reasons about in this talk (which was at Google, btw) starting around 35:27 into the video.
  • When something along these lines will eventually emerge, Google.zon (or whatever it shall be) itself will be part of it: partly making it and partly being driven by it. In other words, there can be no puppeteer for this thing.

Anyhow, such a development will build on our choices; choices we are making already, as the video suggests up to around the Microsoft Newsbot release, in the early fictional 2004.

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