Things I didn’t know about iPhone/iTouch 2.x User Interface

August 5, 2008

From the Inside iPhone 2.0 series: the new iPhone 3G Software on AppleInsider.

  • In Safari you can touch & hold on graphic elements to bring up a Save Image dialog.
  • In Safari, a double tap near the top (bottom) of the page will scroll up (down) by a page.
  • Everywhere (?), hold the home button and press-release the lock button on top to take a screen capture. The image is saved in the Saved Photos album in the Photo application.

Anyone cares to share more hidden UI tips?


3 Responses to “Things I didn’t know about iPhone/iTouch 2.x User Interface”

  1. Scott Says:

    How about double tap the home button to display various short cuts – relevant to the iPhones current mode.


  2. zelig Says:


    on my iPod the double home button thing brings up a translucent dialog for playback control of the Music app. That works for some apps and not for other (the double tap will bring up the Springboard).

    As you wrote, a sort of shortcut, but only for Music.

    Maybe that’s different on the iPhone?


  3. NOOBS Says:


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