Though it seems it will be for 1 week only.
The authors get $1 from Spout for each new account made on Spout (but there’s an upper limit to what they can get – $200.000?).


Web 2.0 City

December 3, 2006


Originally uploaded by Jaanus1.

Found it on the Skype blog.
It is very attractive, and not just visually. I did spend some time looking for ‘hidden’ logos and products (like the iPods) inside. I will likely come back to continue to search for things inside.

I wonder if the architecture and city plan make some statements about the relative position and power of the companies (only web 2.0?) pictured.

Autonomous device

October 27, 2006

Autonomous device

Originally uploaded by Arenamontanus.

Watch the full set of Warning Signs from the Future.

This device may start acting at any time because it “wants” to. While it might have safety programming this is nothing that can be taken for granted. I’m rather happy with the symbol, using the square as an icon for device, the eye as a sign of some form of intelligence or environmental sensitivity, and the arrow for action.

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Say it with Flowers

September 15, 2006

Topic Flowers is artificial flowers generated from text. Based on some rules and simple semantic (lexical?) analysis of the text itself.

This is the flower for the short text above

and this is for the Wikipedia article on W.B. Yeats

Silent Internet

August 15, 2006

How does the web look like should it be without words? What are the best looking sites? What is the real ‘face’ of a URI?
Find it out, at least for a very small but significative sample, at the Internet Soul Portrait site.
Below is a wordless Yahoo!

Silent Yahoo!

via infosthetics

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Not an easy task to properly frame and shoot a pic (of yourself) everyday.
I’d like to see more tools to automate this sort of image blogging.


A still version of a similar regular shooting effort is here.

Everyday's Face

[both via information aesthetics]

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Websites as Graphs

May 29, 2006

This blog as of yesterday displayed as a graph using Websites as Graphs, a tool (java applet) that builds and displays a graph based on the Document Object Model (DOM) of a given URI.


Look at other graphs on Flickr.

[via information aesthetics]

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