Gartner Says Organizations Face Five Major Challenges Regarding Social Software


social software techniques and technologies are becoming crucial in supporting and strengthening collaboration and nonroutine work in businesses and warned against dismissing them as a fad or a threat to general productivity.

The demand from workers is escalating and they can and are turning to the consumer Internet if their corporate technology provider isnt offering a solution.

all organizations should at least be at the stage where they are investigating social software

Gartner has advised enterprises to invest the time and resources required to understand, design, grow and nurture social software implementations rather than simply installing a social software tool and expecting a community to automatically assemble and flourish.

advises organizations to balance the benefits of mass collaboration with the risks of bad behavior, including security breaches.

The traditional workday is in transition. Many organizations are not yet equipped for a virtual workplace, and virtual workday scenarios and are concerned with managing productivity in this more loosely structured work environment. Organizations will need to constantly challenge the way they evaluate employee productivity and promote work/life balance as social software becomes more pervasive in the business environment.

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