Eye-Fi is an SD memory card and a wireless card. The camera sees it as a regular SD card, but the card itself can wirelessly connect to a predefined Wi-Fi network and upload pics (JPEG only) to a folder on a computer or to a number of photo sites (not directly, but thru a gateway service provided by Eye-Fi).
Eye-Fi Modes
The sofware bundle includes a Eye-Fi Manager which is used both for downloading pics to the computer and for the various settings.

It would be really cool to be able to use the wireless connectivity to leverage services like for example PlaceEngine, which has an API, and automatically geotag the photos.

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“Get a sense of our planet.”

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TED Blog: The New TED.com launches today Monday April 16th:

“With the launch of our new website, we’re really saying to the world: We want to share with you our best content for free, and we want you to connect with like-minded people inspired by these talks. In other words, we see the site as a way of dramatically expanding our community from the 1000 people who attend the conference to millions of knowledge seekers around the globe.”

Some of the most interesting features:

  • chapter-marking technology that lets users find and skip to key moments in a given talk
  • ratings system more nuanced than the typical 5-star approach, allowing users to describe talks with adjectives
  • high-resolution video that can be viewed online or downloaded for playback on a computer, iPod or set-top box
  • detailed talk summaries and speaker biographies to provide more context around each talk
  • innovative ways to browse talks, which are grouped into TED-like themes, such as “Inspired by Nature,” “How the Mind Works” and “Tales of Invention”
  • social-networking tools—including Profile Pages, Comments and Favorites—that allow for interaction among members of the extended TED community

Many of the  talks are so dense and often resound with each other: having tools to mark, rate, annotate, and link them can surely enhance their value.

I am looking forward to explore the new site, what it has to offer, and most of all I’m thrilled by the potential of an enlarged community that may build around it.

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Preserving Ideas

March 8, 2007

To build future-safe archives for preserving idea we need to be able to transfer those ideas, not merely store them. Like in the old times with oral traditions knowledge have been passed from generation to generation, now and in the future we should think of ways to transfer our digital archives, blogs and so forth, from storage to storage: from our hard disks to the cloud, from tumblr to WordPress, from Flickr to Zooomr, and so on. Transfer data from today’s services to tomorrow’s.

There are many services available for hosting our data and our thoughts, but transfering those data among services is complicated and partial, if even possible.

Who knows about ways to operate such transfers?

I was here photo by metropol

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