Preserving Ideas

March 8, 2007

To build future-safe archives for preserving idea we need to be able to transfer those ideas, not merely store them. Like in the old times with oral traditions knowledge have been passed from generation to generation, now and in the future we should think of ways to transfer our digital archives, blogs and so forth, from storage to storage: from our hard disks to the cloud, from tumblr to WordPress, from Flickr to Zooomr, and so on. Transfer data from today’s services to tomorrow’s.

There are many services available for hosting our data and our thoughts, but transfering those data among services is complicated and partial, if even possible.

Who knows about ways to operate such transfers?

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PodZinger (see also here for a past link to it) has a section dedicated to TED Talks. There’s no real landing page, and it looks like a specialized search. With no keyword there are 56 search results, apparently covering up to last year’s edition, TED2006, though the collection doesn’t quite cover the full list you can find at the TEDTalks page.

With TEDTALKSSEARCH is possible to search the Talks by keywords and jump to the parts of the talk where the keywords are used (spoken). Read here for more information about how PodZinger makes it possible (speech recognition).

Most of the Talks I’ve watched so far are definitely interesting, and what is expressed is something you may want to listen to more than once. Being able to directly search by text instead of fastforwarding and rewinding the audio/video in search of the spot of interest is of great help (and saves battery on the iPod) to access the data I am interested in.

An innovative technology put to good use.


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Adobe Systems plans to release a hosted version of its popular Photoshop image-editing application within six months

Like Adobe Remix, the hosted Photoshop service is set to be free and marketed as an entry-level version of Adobe’s more sophisticated image-editing tools

We recognize there is a customer there–we recognize they are not going to pay us, necessarily, directly.

“You don’t want (network) latency to be an issue for the user, so it’s harder, in some ways, than a video Remix product,” he said. “Even though bandwidth is increasing, the pipes are getting filled with video, so the user experience will likely stay the same for the next three to five years.”

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