Eye-Fi is an SD memory card and a wireless card. The camera sees it as a regular SD card, but the card itself can wirelessly connect to a predefined Wi-Fi network and upload pics (JPEG only) to a folder on a computer or to a number of photo sites (not directly, but thru a gateway service provided by Eye-Fi).
Eye-Fi Modes
The sofware bundle includes a Eye-Fi Manager which is used both for downloading pics to the computer and for the various settings.

It would be really cool to be able to use the wireless connectivity to leverage services like for example PlaceEngine, which has an API, and automatically geotag the photos.

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Fon is celebrating sales of ten thousands access points (in Japan) with a 1-Day Free Campaign: order your access point tomorrow (April, 14) and get it for free. Handling and shipping fee will be charged.

You need to have a Fon account to apply for the order. Here is the registration page.
I am getting one!

Fon for free
The original in Japanese is below:

1万アクセスポイント突破記念 1day無料キャンペーン 4月14日(土)実施予定! 4月14日(土)のみ、FONソーシャルルーター”La Fonera”を無料でご提供いたします(送料、手数料別)。 *キャンペーン当日以外は通常価格にてご購入いただけます。 FONルーターを購入するには、FONメンバーである「フォネロ」になる必要があります。もしまだアカウントをお持ちでない場合は、是非、FONのサイトからご登録ください。

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WiFi for free

August 16, 2006

GigaOM » Blog Archive » Google launches WiFi Network in Mountain View:

The Mountain View network went live at 9pm PST today [August 15th, 2006]. In order to use the network, the users will need a Google login, and those who don’t have Google ID, will be given a chance to sign up for the service

at present the company is offering a one-megabit per second connection for everyone, and will tweak the capacity depending on how people use the network.

GigaOM writer Katie Fehrenbacher has been on the story and has tested the network, and gives the network two thumbs up. She was able to make Skype and SIP calls using the network, and found connectivity good in most places.

Chris Sacca, Head of Special Initiatives at Google said the goal was to turn Mountain View into a large-scale test bed for various WiFi enabled devices that are coming to market.

Too bad I don’t live in Mountain View.

Mountain View by Iguana Jo photo by Iguana Jo

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