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The Twitter Matrix

April 27, 2007

A Twitter user from Japan wrote some javascript code to generate a matrix-like animation (falling letters) based on his (?) account timeline, including friends.
I made a short video of how it looks like. You can watch it below.

Update 2007.09.04: The video is featured on the Twitter Fan Wiki Mashups page :]


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Starting from about 19:00 into his talk, Larry Brilliant expresses his TED Wish: to build a global system, an early warning system to protect us against pandemics. He calls it International System for Total Early Disease Detection, and proposes to grow it from GPHIN (Global Public Health Intelligence Network) to make it a tool available to everyone in every language.

There is a web site that does something very similar: Whos is Sick?
From their about page:

“Who Is Sick was started in 2006 with a mission to provide current and local sickness information to the public – without the hassle of dealing with hospitals or doctors. With a strong belief in the power of people and a faith that user generated content can be extremely valuable, our team set out to create an entirely new system for tracking and monitoring sickness information.”

The information are displayed on a Google Maps mashup. The reports cover already all of the continents.


Inspired by all this, I have created a Twitter bot that listens to your health status reports. Think of TwitterVision and of WhoIsSick?, and imagine Morbus as a vehicle for early detection of pandemics.

Maybe Mr Brilliant can find something of his idea being implemented here.

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TED Blog: The New TED.com launches today Monday April 16th:

“With the launch of our new website, we’re really saying to the world: We want to share with you our best content for free, and we want you to connect with like-minded people inspired by these talks. In other words, we see the site as a way of dramatically expanding our community from the 1000 people who attend the conference to millions of knowledge seekers around the globe.”

Some of the most interesting features:

  • chapter-marking technology that lets users find and skip to key moments in a given talk
  • ratings system more nuanced than the typical 5-star approach, allowing users to describe talks with adjectives
  • high-resolution video that can be viewed online or downloaded for playback on a computer, iPod or set-top box
  • detailed talk summaries and speaker biographies to provide more context around each talk
  • innovative ways to browse talks, which are grouped into TED-like themes, such as “Inspired by Nature,” “How the Mind Works” and “Tales of Invention”
  • social-networking tools—including Profile Pages, Comments and Favorites—that allow for interaction among members of the extended TED community

Many of the  talks are so dense and often resound with each other: having tools to mark, rate, annotate, and link them can surely enhance their value.

I am looking forward to explore the new site, what it has to offer, and most of all I’m thrilled by the potential of an enlarged community that may build around it.

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Is Microsoft dead? Feh. (Scripting News):

Microsoft’s natural resource was people who don’t have personal computers. And that’s what they’re running out of now.

And Google’s natural resources is people who have computers (and internet connection). And there’s plenty and more. 

Fon is celebrating sales of ten thousands access points (in Japan) with a 1-Day Free Campaign: order your access point tomorrow (April, 14) and get it for free. Handling and shipping fee will be charged.

You need to have a Fon account to apply for the order. Here is the registration page.
I am getting one!

Fon for free
The original in Japanese is below:

1万アクセスポイント突破記念 1day無料キャンペーン 4月14日(土)実施予定! 4月14日(土)のみ、FONソーシャルルーター”La Fonera”を無料でご提供いたします(送料、手数料別)。 *キャンペーン当日以外は通常価格にてご購入いただけます。 FONルーターを購入するには、FONメンバーである「フォネロ」になる必要があります。もしまだアカウントをお持ちでない場合は、是非、FONのサイトからご登録ください。

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The One Machine Epic

April 7, 2007


Few thoughts while and after watching it.

  • About the new Google.zon algorithm that can edit information sources into new stories for every user (from 5:23 to 5:40):
    The One Machine does not need to be conscious and free will to actually influence the behavior and thinking of the people connected (feeding on and/or feeding) to it.
    Note that the canonical fictional fears about the machines taking control of us, envision their self consciousness and determination.
    I call it The One Machine, assuming it will be the same things Kevin Kelly reasons about in this talk (which was at Google, btw) starting around 35:27 into the video.
  • When something along these lines will eventually emerge, Google.zon (or whatever it shall be) itself will be part of it: partly making it and partly being driven by it. In other words, there can be no puppeteer for this thing.

Anyhow, such a development will build on our choices; choices we are making already, as the video suggests up to around the Microsoft Newsbot release, in the early fictional 2004.

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