An incremental collection of citations from bloggers I read: their reasons for blogging.

Leave a comment to include your point of view and your rationale for blogging in this list.

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Dave Winer: “I blog to share discoveries, large and small, mundane and profound and everything inbetween.”

Guy Kawasaki: “I’ve been a blogger for a whopping 100 days, and it’s been a delightful and educational experience.”

Phil Sim: I started blogging because I decided that I was never going to understand what blogging was all about until I started doing it myself and in the process I’ve picked up a whole bunch of knowledge, contacts and experience in a multitude of areas along the way.

Matt Cutts: I blog, but don’t really feel like a native blogger. When I started blogging, I did about a week of research, then I just picked WordPress, tweaked it a bit, and haven’t done much otherwise. Even my blog template is pretty vanilla, which is fine because I assume you’re reading me via a feed reader. That’s why I include the full text and pictures of my posts in my feeds. I don’t care very much about RSS/Atom/whatever, and I feel vaguely guilty about that. I sometimes feel that if I were a real blogger, I would dig through XML for fun.

Dave Winer: I write about stuff on my blog because I like to keep a record of my work, so it may not make sense to you, or even seem like a good idea, if so, so be it.

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